Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a Surprise

In my hunger for information, I finally went to search bloggers under Iran or Tehran. Not easy nowadays as so many people are listing their blogs under Iran, to confound the dictators over there. Still, I found, among a few others, Q(uestion) Mark, and left a humble comment.

Today the question mark turned into an exclamation which filled my heart with gratitude as the same person left on my Farsi blog here such lovely words of acknowledgement. I hope more people get inspired to go, visit and leave many loving messages.

Since June 12 I cannot find peace. I keep going back to the internet and Youtube, to Guardian and Haaretz, NYTimes, - like Diogenes with his famous candle, yet now it's the darkness I'm searching as the light is in those young innocent hands. I have so many things in my heart.
Above all, love. And I'm thinking all the time, if only during WW2 there were those twitters and facebook and blogs, those cellular phones which until now I could find no justification for their usage, abhored, deploring them and their noisy users.

If all those were with us during the Holocaust, maybe it wouldn't even begin to happen.
What can be done to save people from the grip of those hungry for power?
Q. Mark says, Let us know you care.

So little. Why is not the World Tribunal in Belgium bringing them to trial, even if not in their presence, why is UN so quiet?
Speak out, Speak out, your silence is deafening.

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